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Our Story

Every culture, community or thing has a story of beginnings. From Griots, to Grandmother's tales. Here is ours!

Jewelry by Artwark has been a labor of Love. Founder/designer and curator Sarah, founded Artwark to fill the gap between luxury priced retail trends and her vision of those looks at an affordable price. Her varied background in English Literature, some law school, 20 years of Musical training and helping with family businesses eventually led her to start her own business, through Jewelry art and writing stories. Thus, Jewelry by ArtWark (yes there is a pun there,) came to fruition.

In 2008, she  launched a small collection of pieces that she handcrafted in a tiny studio space. This soon blossomed into a flourishing collection gaining the attention of numerous bloggers and customers around the world. Recently, it has transitioned further to include many high end items and one of a kind designs that Sarah draws and hand selects each element for. 

Sarah's mission has always been to offer baubles that "speak' to the customer. Many of her original pieces are deeply thought out with a loving or spiritual sentiment, making them popular gift items. Other adornments are designed or curated for their appealing quality, color, or the sheer beauty therein. A designer with a keen eye for detail, she continues to work diligently in both design, custom work and hand selecting high quality materials. Without the middleman or storefront, she is able to pass on decent prices and options for everyone. 

 A carefully chosen selection of Fine Vintage pieces and Trend setting pieces are added weekly for the changing desires of Jewelry wearers worldwide. Custom orders are welcomed to provide something for every taste and price point.

Artwark can be found on Ebay, Etsy and here at our newly launched website. You can also shop directly through our IG page: jewelrybyartwark or by email. 

Happy Shopping and thank you for choosing Artwark!

*Artwark has the right to refuse to sell to any individual without notice or reason.