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Mother’s Day Sale! Fine and custom jewelry. Payment plans welcome. Made to order items take 3-5 weeks to ship. 

Bridal, multiple and Custom diamond jewelry orders Welcome! Don't hesitate to contact me to prepare a jewel that you can dream up. Hope you enjoy shopping my designs, collabs with other jewelers, vintage and fabulous finds.

NEED A GIFT? we can add a note/ deliver to recipient's address free of charge upon request
ALL items are described including metal composition. BASIC CARE TIPS must be used with fine jewelry.

Diamonds, Solid Gold and gemstones last generations, with proper care. Please wear with care, and remove during activities like exercise and sleep. Clean gently with Soap and water. Do not use a sonic cleaner or abrasives on fine pieces.

Our Sterling Silver is NOT coated with any chemical substance and will tarnish naturally over time. Individual skin acidity, exposure to perfumes, hair products, etc can also cause speedy tarnishing. To slow the tarnish, SS care tips to prolong bright color: Keep in an airtight ziplock when not wearing. Do not expose to sweat, chemicals like hair products, etc. Polish often with a silver polish cloth.

Base metal jewelry are a fun and affordable option meant to be worn and enjoyed. With proper care they can last a long time. Plated pieces will wear over time and how long it lasts depends entirely on the care given to these pieces. When not wearing, keep them safe in zip bags, or the box they arrive in. 

METAL Allergies: In extremely rare cases, people CAN be allergic to any metal or actually anything under the sin. Skin PH can also react with certain metals, and exposure to chemicals, lotions, sweat or water can also affect metal. Please use our tips and feel free to ask any questions prior to purchase if you have ANY concerns. On rare occasions, of these types of cases can cause metals to turn color or skin to react, from no fault of the jewels. It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of their health or skin, and to use jewelry only for their intended purpose in a reasonable manner. We are in no way responsible for any injury or issue to customer's wearing our jewelry. We take every precaution to list our items carefully and make, package and ship with pretty packaging and standard shipping. May you be healthy and wear our pieces in good health!